When life throws you a curve ball visit Miraval Resorts in Arizona

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Life has many ways of throwing curve balls, and while we would all love to say that we can handle anything that comes our way, sometimes we need help. That help is available at Miraval Resorts in Arizona, where you are the “I” in Miraval.

Miraval’s journey began in 1995 when the founders had a vision that everyone could and should achieve balance in their life. They know that everyone has their own needs and what looks like balance for one person is not what it will look like for another. Yet, they have discovered ways to create an individual life balance journey for everyone, while offering activities that everyone can participate in.

When you visit Miraval, you will be expected to observe how you manage every aspect of your life. While you are doing that, the specialists will begin to help you accept and honor your past, as they assist you with seeing all the challenges you are currently facing.

A few of the activities that you will find yourself doing when you are at Miraval Resorts are yoga, meditation, equine, hiking, fitness, well being, and metaphysical exploration. You can choose to include all those activities into your time at Miraval, or you can choose the program that focuses on the one activity that will help you achieve your goals.

The Miraval Resorts are all-inclusive, which means that your accommodations, meals, smoothies, and fresh snacks are all included during your stay. The activities, lectures, and fitness classes are also included, as are the Body Mindfulness Fitness Center and the swimming pools.

While you can embrace this journey at any of the Miraval Resorts, you can also begin at any of their freestanding Life in Balance Spas. There are two of those to choose from and you will have just as much success at them as the Miraval Resorts. While you can stay at the resorts attached to the spas, the cost of your accommodations and treatments will be separate. Therefore, you may incur a few extra expenses when you choose one of the two spas over the Miraval Resorts. However, only you know what you need, and the spa may be the perfect choice if you need a little gentle reminder for just one day after spending time at the Miraval Resort in the past.

Surrender your worries and let them all go during a stay at the healing sanctuary of Miraval Resorts. Through a few mindful experiences, you will easily learn how to change your life, so you can live the life that you deserve.

Don’t wait for the time of your life when you can plan your next vacation today. Contact me to start your booking today at Tie’s Tours and Travels (832-308-0776). Tieasha Waddy, owner of Tie’s Tours and Travel, resides in Houston, Texas and works as your friendly travel agent and wedding planner who loves sending travelers from all over on memorable journeys that are budget friendly, stress-free, and most of all–fun!

I hope I have encouraged you to stay and be mindful, I did.


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