The Best Self-Care Tips

The most important self-care tips

Self-care tips are almost everywhere in nowadays. When they are taken outside, these tips become more powerful.  The car will run out of gas if it is used without refueling. The same goes for human beings. We need to refuel ourselves with self-care. You can establish self-care practices in the great outdoors. Summer is an ideal time to play self-care games. Long days and warm weather will help you to spend some time under the sun. If you are performing some activities like hiking and camping that bring joy you are already involved in self-care practices, but you don’t know about that.

Some important self-care tips that will take you outside

The below-given tips have been proven to be handy. You will go outside and get your recharge.

Smell the flowers

If you are walking outside and you see the flowers there, just stop right where you are. Smell the flowers. Nature always improves emotional health. Flowers will not only make you happy but also they will have positive effects on emotional well-being. Various colors of flowers will stimulate the hormone that will elevate your mood.  While spending time with flowers you will be able to get relieved from minor daily stress.

Go for a walk on a daily basis

If you want to improve your health and you want to follow only a single practice, then go for a walk and do it for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis. This will not only help to get rid of stress but also lose weight as well. You don’t need to go for a hike fifteen miles every Sunday, just do a little walking for about 30 minutes after dinner every day. That will be sufficient for the day.

Go outside and try to catch the sunrise and sunset

We are surrounded by artificial lights and electronics. That has disturbed our whole life cycle. Leave your cell phones, computers, and TV off at least three hours before going to bed. This will help you to enjoy better sleep and you will be able to wake up early in the morning and enjoy the sunrise and also the sunset in the evening. During the winter season, there is enough natural light to help you to shift to internal rhythm.

Try to grow your own food

This will seem like adding more work to your routine work. But gardening is the best way to relieve you from stress and improve your health. This practice is like a ‘Moving meditation’. This will help us to connect us with earth and the present moment. This is the most beneficial practice you will get a double reward, food that you can eat and relief from stress. It is suggested to do gardening with bare hands. .


As fitness is the approach to teach your body, meditation is the approach to teach your mind. This self-care practice will insert long-lasting benefits into our lives. This will help to lower the stress levels. We will be able to improve our focus, connect better and be kinder to ourselves. This practice demand patience. Our mind gets caught up in other tasks very soon. You can easily do that.

Sit still for some time. Just have your focus on breath and try to follow your breath for at least two minutes. This practice will provide you much-needed space in your life. It will help you to make better choices for our families and ourselves. This practice of meditation will bring some patience and kindness for yourself.

Walk barefoot outside

When you will walk barefoot outside you will have direct contact with the earth. There will be lots of electrons on the surface of the earth. These are beneficial for our health. But the reality is we have become indoor dwellers and our modern lifestyle inhibits such direct contact. This is the simplest practice. Go outside, take your shoes off, and start walking barefoot on the grass. This will not only improve our health but also emotional well-being. Negative ions will absorb positive ions from our body and as a result, we will be protected from disease. This practice is called “Earthing”.

Lighting candles

This is also a very simple self-care practice. Just need to light a candle and inhale its scent. This will relieve you from stress. If you came home after a long busy day, there is no better choice to make your day better. Lighting candles will make you joy. You will enjoy your night. And this will improve your health.

Enjoy the picnic in the park

Another best way to unplug from the world is to enjoy your meal in the parks. This will provide you with a peaceful environment rather than to have dinner in the restaurants where the environment is full of distractions. This practice is also useful. You can throw your blanket down and sit near the lake or river. You can sit under the trees and enjoy your meal. You can eat finger food because no one will see you doing that. This will calm your brain and improves your health.

Soak your stress away

Aroma Therapy is alternative medicine. It has lots of benefits. This helps to improve skin conditions and lowering of the pain. You will feel the sense of relaxation in the hot spring. Sulfur will help to relieve nasal congestion. Sodium and calcium bicarbonates will help to enhance circulation. So this self-care practice will soak all your stress and provide you a calm brain. You will be able to enjoy good health.

Gazing at the stars

The best thing for self-practice is to provoke the inner kid, you will start enjoying it. You will feel that you are relieved from life burdens. When you will start gazing at the stars in the night this will help to awaken your sense of magnificence. We can make wishes on shooting stars. Gazing at stars is a romantic process. And this is perfectly a self-care process that we need.

So, try following these self-care practice and enjoy a healthy life. Please send me a post with a picture of some of your self care rituals and I will do another post and share the updates.

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